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Recycling & E-Waste

Recycling and E-waste Is Everyone's Problem

We all know that recycling is a big deal all around the world. Our landfills are getting stuffed and we simply conitnue to create waste. Gainesville is no different. The need for places in Gainesville to take your recyclables is great and The Arc is here to meet your demands. We recycle paper, cardboard, aluminum, glass, plastic, clothing and even consumer electronics including computers.

Due to the overwhelming demand for free Gone4Ever shredding services on Wednesdays, The Arc will limit free shred Wednesday to the FIRST WEDNESDAY OF EACH MONTH and limit each household to one banker’s box, or roughly 27 lbs. of paper, per free shred Wednesday, per month.


As technology continues to grow and integrate in all of our lives, the growing problem of e-waste is one we all face. What to do with the old computers and electronics that are no longer wanted or useable? Putting them in the landfill is not a solution and many of us know we have sensitive information left on our computers, smartphones, and hard-drives.

The solution is Gone4ever and our e-Waste service. We employ the clients from The Arc of Alachua County. Those clients that live with developmental disabilities dismantle the hardware and they parts and raw materials are recycled in bulk. 100% of proceeds go to benefit The Arc and help fund the programs so desperately needed by the clients that receive services.

Security of information should be of no concern to our customers. Ask about destruction of your hard drive information as well. View our list of items that may require additional fees. (chart of fees here). We use video monitored and recorded surveillance with all our secure destruction and can even issue a certified certificate of destruction to clients upon their request.

Simple, Secure, Charitable, and for you it is Gone4ever

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Learn more about Gone4ever and recycling by visiting our main website here. Or return to The Arc of Alachua County's home page here. Thank you for your support and employment of the developmentally disabled that we hold so dear to our hearts.

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